Week two



First week of Discovery workshops and interviews saw over 300 contributions

Thanks to all involved with the first week of Discovery - brilliant engagement from all and many themes already identified.

Discovery update, week 2 (first week of proper workshops)

Week 1 was warming you up to the plan and the MIRO board - Now we're officially off the ground with the first full week of Discovery workshops and we'd like to share the key highlights of a very productive and eventful kick off for the LMA Dare project.

Nice to meet you... to meet you nice!

We had a great time meeting lots of stakeholders this week, whether as part of group discussions in the four Discovery workshops or individually as part of more focussed interview sessions.

Despite the best efforts of the great British weather to cover half of the country in snow and drench the rest in rain this week, the remote workshops were all very well attended. Thank you to everybody who was able to contribute. We hope that you found it to be a good use of your time and that you had fun using our virtual whiteboard. 

Thank you also to the team at Carbon for giving their time to be our first one-on-one interview candidates. 

We really enjoyed meeting you all and look forward to seeing some of you again in the innovation workshops in February.

The good, the bad (and the ugly)...

The topics that were discussed in all of the sessions this week provided a significant amount of information regarding what’s good, bad and downright ugly about the current DA market. With over 300 different items put forward, one thing is for sure, people really do have a lot to say about DA!

Click the image above to visit the MIRO board (if you have problems a download is available at the end of this post)

The enthusiasm for DA to grow and thrive as a market was evident in every session and we’re already seeing a number of themes emerge as candidates for the Innovation workshops in February including:

  • Making Compliance less time consuming, and improving the purpose, benefit and quality of the compliance activities that DA Stakeholders are asked to undertake;
  • Alternatives to the current annual contract model to give Coverholders increased confidence in their business plans.
  • Improving data quality and ensuring the right people have access at the right time (by the way, asking for a friend… does anybody like bordereaux?!?).
  • How do we change the view that the focus of DA seems to be on compliance rather than quality?

What’s next?

In addition to continuing with the Discovery workshops and one-on-one interviews throughout January, please look out for some surveys that we’ll be issuing later this week inviting you to give your views on the current DA market. For full transparency, please see the DARE project plan below:

Dare - Week 2 Discovery Boards PDF download