Week Four



DARE - Living the theme(s)

The key themes from Discovery appear to be all about removing barriers, by giving everybody access to the information that they need, when they need it. Will this prove to be the case by the end of Innovation?

Changing gears as we move from Discovery to Innovation...

As we prepare to close out the Discovery stage of the project and turn our full-time focus to Innovation, it appears to be all about removing barriers by giving everybody access to the information that they need, when they need it. Will this prove to be the case by the end of Innovation?

Looking at things from a different perspective

The Discovery workshops and SME interviews continued this week, with some great contributions being made. We encountered some new viewpoints this week, from an MA who focuses on looking after existing Coverholders to Brokers who really don’t like the current user experience of the systems that they have to use. These different viewpoints are exactly the sort of thing we want to be discussing at this stage of Discovery as it allows us to consider things from a different angle to previous weeks.

On the SME interview side of things, we had a great one-on-one session with the team at Falvey Insurance Group who have successfully been a part of the DA market for over 25 years now. It was brilliant to have the opportunity to hear their thoughts on how DA could improve and also how previous efforts at tackling problems have fared. A big thank you to Jack, Catherine and Daryl, we can’t wait to run an innovation workshop with you in February!

Overall, it looks like everybody in the DA value chain has similar frustrations with the current DA setup. Here’s some example statements form the Discovery workshops that are typical of what we’ve been hearing:

Setting course for the Innovation stage 

We had the opportunity to run an early Innovation session with Axa on Monday, where we discussed ideas around contracts and annual renewals. In addition to validating the output of the previous innovation session with Brit Insurance, the fab team at Axa suggested some great ideas as to how DA might be changed to reduce the burden on both MAs and Coverholders when contracting and renewing.

Living the theme(s)

We’ll be posting much more about this over the coming weeks but right now, some of the problems that need to be tackled are clear and we’ll be taking these into the innovation workshops as themes to be discussed.

An overarching thought about how we might re-imagine DA to address these themes is that no matter how the vision for DA is re-imagined, it will almost certainly require a solution that can connect people around the world and allow them to both access and provide information in an easy, quick and timely manner.

What’s next?

We’ll be closing out Discovery next week, holding the final set of workshops and moving to Innovation full-time. If you’d like to be involved register below: