Our Mission

If we re-imagined DA, what would it look like?

This is not about digitising today's way of working, this is about re-thinking what we do, why we do it, and where the value is....to create a new vision for DA that will re-imagine and digitise the business model to support growth and enable cost savings.

We need to re-engage the global DA community, in partnership, to understand how we can create a bold new world in which we can thrive. We need to address why, where and how we trade and transact.

Let’s dare to try something different. The Future at Lloyd’s is embarking on delivering the foundations we will need to survive. What we need to do is build on those foundations and re-invent the DA business model - generating a digital-first and value-driven distribution strategy which will allow us to thrive.

We will only get there with you, the market. This is our call to arms.

Help us re-imagine DA


In the interest of uniting stakeholders behind a vision for all, we would like your initial feedback on the following statements.

If you were asked – what is the problem with hotels? Would you have come up with Airbnb? We need you to think differently. We want to hear your ideas.

Let’s dare to try something different.

From January 2021, in conjunction with our technology partner, 6point6, an intensive, 12 week customer-centred scoping exercise will involve:

+ Customer and client engagement > seeing the future through their lens

+ Innovation workshops > leaving today at the door to create tomorrow

+ Developing a market and value chain vision > for the DA community, by the DA community

It is our mission to engage with you, work with and listen to you. We want to understand your challenges, ideas, inspirations and insights to ground our vision of the future in evidence, from you, for you. Collectively, we will re-shape the future of DA.




Connecting with you, the market

Please register your interest now, so in January, no matter who you are or where you're from, you can play your part in re-imagining DA.

We know that DA is challenged by embedded legacy processes and traditions, and appreciate that change itself can be challenging. On these and related topics we urge you to stand up and make your voice heard.

Register now to make your opinion count in our workshops, interviews and surveys. Please think big: we need bold ideas and we need your ideas.



Creating a vision from evidence

Collectively we can create something revolutionary, backed by evidence to show how change can be made, and robust enough to endure over time and give Lloyd's a competitive edge.



How we play this out

Whether the proposed model is revolutionary or evolutionary, the conclusions drawn by project dare will influence and advance strategic thinking about DA at a market and a business level. With the weight of the market, our customers and stakeholders behind it, it will be a powerful collective voice for change.

Register to be part of this

If you are willling to think differently and want to help be a part of the future of DA, register your interest here and lets hear your ideas.

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This all begins in January 2021

Whether you’re a broker, a coverholder, a managing agent, a TPA, or someone that wants to improve DA. We’d love to hear from you.

Have your say in re-shaping DA