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In January 2021, Dare engaged the global DA community of Coverholders, Managing Agents, Brokers, Claims specialists and independent Consultants to find out what they want the future of Delegated Authority to be, unconstrained by today’s processes and systems.

Between January and early March, we held 45 group workshops and 12SME interviews with over 330 attendees across the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, supplemented by 4 online surveys with over 200 responses. The focus of this engagement was not about digitising today's way of working, it was about re-thinking what we do, why we do it, and where the value is, creating a new vision for DA that re-imagines and digitises the business model to support growth and enable cost savings.

The market told us that DA will always be a human led market that relies on the ability of different stakeholder groups to network and collaborate effectively and that the root causes of the friction, delay, repetition, and behaviours that frustrate the DA community today relate to their inability to easily access and share the information that they need to transact, when they need to.

To address the points raised during the workshops, for a market that relies on accurate and timely information sharing between thousands of different stakeholders across the globe, we found that a modern and consistent digital toolset is required, that the DA market is ready for this and keen to engage further to make this happen as quickly as possible.

Details of the approach, the full set of findings and resulting conclusions that informed the vision can be viewed and downloaded here.

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Managing Agent representatives
Brokers with Coverholder status
Independent consultants

How we got here

The stages



Connecting with you, the market

Using digital to engage the DA community remotely during COVID-19 to explore themes, ideas & challenges.



Creating a vision from evidence

A two-stage approach to engaging the DA community:

Discovery: A highly visual and interactive workshop routine to engage constructively with multiple different members of the DA community to assess what is good, bad, and ugly about DA today from their individual perspectives.

Innovation: A tactical, multi-tiered approach to soliciting ideas from the DA community to address the issues and opportunities that were raised during Discovery.

STAGE three


A digitally re-imagined vision for Delegated Authority

Using the ideas and challenges raised during Discovery and validated with the market in the Innovation stage to create a vision of how digital could be amped up to help the DA community members transact.

A rallying call to the market to lend their support and make this vision a reality.

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